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with Karen & Dante

Sunday 30 September 2019, Amsterdam  beginning at 15:00

Join us for a magical evening of transformation through a delicious plant ally, sacred chanting, and multi-dimensional healing.

Karen and Dante are both channels and sound healers, collaborating to
you this special journey. We will begin with sacred cacao, a special
form of
chocolate from the land of the Mayans in Guatemala.


To Mayans and Aztecs cacao was a sacred plant ally that was called
“heart blood.”
Ancient myth states that in time of great chaos when
humanity disconnects from 
nature and from each other, cacao comes
to reemerges from the rain-forest to
open hearts and bring order, love,
connection and harmony.


Cacao is circulating around the planet as a facilitator for creating sacred space and healing; cacao opens the heart chakra and brings mental clarity and acuity. It is a safe and gentle plant ally that “opens the doors with pushing you through them,” making is a very easy plant to commune with regardless of prior experience. After we bless the cacao, cultivate deep presence in our bodies, minds and hearts, and set our intentions for this healing space, we will enjoy this tasty potion and relax. Gentle sound therapy from crystal chimes, singing bowls, and tuning forks will guide you into relaxation to rest your body open to powerful healing energies.


Karen and Dante will channel their guides, who will assist in a multi-dimensional clearing experience.  Multi-dimensional beings such as the Hathors and Arcturians, as well as other spirit guides, will assist in the clearing of your energy body and aura during the sound healing and channeling.


Dante channels the Pleiadian council, an extra-terrestrial group consciousness deeply connected to humanity at soul levels. Karen channels her higher self, a non-physical collective called Theos, whose message is always that of Oneness and unconditional Love.


Together these multi-dimensional beings will assist the group in deepening healing. You may experience vivid imagery, clearing of dis-ease or pain within the body, emotional release and catharsis, spontaneous bliss and awakening, contact with your guides or other spiritual beings, or out of body experience.


Following the sound and channeling experience, Karen will guide the group in sacred chanting of mantras diving deep into the subtle bliss of union through sacred sound. 


                                           Location:  Zen Dojo Amsterdam -  Andreas Bonnstraat 12, 1091 AX Amsterdam
                                           Date:  Sunday ~ 30 September 2018
                                           Time: 15:00 - 18:00 ~ doors open 14:30 
                                           Tickets: 33 euros in advance ~ 44 euros at the door
To register fill in the form below and transfer your payment. Payments are accepted by Paypal or via bank transfer.
Bank info:  KL Neumann  
Account number: NL52 ABNA 0589 2052 69
re: Cacao Ceremony
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Dante Singh has been on a path of healing and awakening since 2012. He has studied the paths of yoga, energy healing, and shamanism. In 2013 he met shamanic teachers in Guatemala, including Keith the cacao shaman with whom Dante has studied for several years. He began channeling the Pleaidian Council 3 years ago and loves fusing these many healing paths and modalities in the services he offers as a teacher and healer. He has taught workshops and offered healing sessions around the world in 10 countries, and continues to travel to spread this light and magic with others and contribute to the collective ascension occurring now. Find more info about his work at


Karen Neumann is an internationally respected spiritual teacher and yogi. She helps people transform their limiting belief systems and cultivate their most fulfilling contribution to the world. Karen had her awakening at age 5 and began speaking with guides following a near death experience. She is an integrated channel, medium, Reiki Master, radio host and teacher of nada yoga (sacred sound).  She currently hosts the weekly Hucolo Saturday Webinar on You Tube and is a frequent guest of online talk shows and conferences. Karen offers channeling sessions and mantra and sound workshops. Her website is

Cacao, Sound, & Channeling Journey

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