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Divine Session Offer

Here is your addtiona Divine 2 Divine Event Gift  from Karen Neumann & Theos

Dearest One, 

This offer is for 25% off the normal price of a 60-minute live session with Karen and Theos via Zoom or Skype.  To schedule your reading please fill in the form below to request your reading and to let me know your availability including your timezone. At this moment there is a 2-month waiting list for readings starting after May 6, 2018.  This reading is $88. Once we settle on a time, you will receive a confirmation email with a request for payment.


What sort of questions will they answer? Truly nothing is off the table however you have the opportunity to speak to Divine Intelligence. Ask what is the deepest desire of your heart to know? Questions that are predictive.. such as what is my future? Or what are lottery numbers are not the focus Theos. They are beautiful teachers of humanity whose focus is on Oneness and Unconditional Love. They will encourage you and offer uplifting messages on a Heart to Heart level ~ Divine 2 Divine.


Thank you Beloved One, I can't wait to channel your answers and assist you along your journey. 


Much love and Namaste.


Karen & Theos <3





Thank you! Your request has been sent

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