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Here is your Divine 2 Divine Event Gift  from Karen Neumann & Theos

Q&A with Theos

You made it, you clicked and you are here. Welcome!
Our offering today is a free channeled email mini-reading from

 Karen and Theos.


Use the form below to ask two questions
and you will receive your answer by email. 


What sort of questions will they answer? Truly nothing is off the table, however you have the opportunity to speak to Divine Intelligence. Ask your heart's deepest desire. Questions that are predictive, such as 'What is my future' or 'What are the winning lottery numbers' are not the focus of Theos. They are beautiful teachers of humanity whose focus is on Oneness and Unconditional Love. They will encourage you and offer uplifting messages on a Heart to Heart level ~ Divine 2 Divine.

Due to the expected volume, please limit yourself to two questions. I will try to answer as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated. I will begin answering questions on Monday 12 March in the order they are received. You will receive by email an mp3.

If you feel called to have a more in-depth session with Karen and Theos click HERE. You will receive a 25% discount when using this link. The main sessions page is at the fulll price. This offer is good until 31 July 2018.


Thank you Beloved One, I can't wait to channel your answers and assist you along your journey. 


Much love and Namaste.


Karen & Theos <3





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Thank you! Your gift is coming soon

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