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Tarot is an ancient divination that began in 14th century Europe.


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    Hi, Karen, I'm just sending you a really BIG and heartfelt thank you for being so very generous with your time and energy.process. Our conversation was really enlightening and gave me a lot to think about...well, not "think" too much as such but just things to

feel. I'm going to rest well for a while but I know my energy shifted during our conversation and I will work how you recommended by clearing any splotches or smudges I see in my energy. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity. Much lovead XXXXXXX ,Ailsa


Danielle Hoffman: My gem, treasure, highlight from being with Theos is a deep sense of nurturing. Like basking in an energy spa. Thanks Karen and Theos for being a part of the Council of 24. 


Thank you Karen and Theos, Danielle and Thoth, I so enjoyed your story as a young girl, Karen asking and receiving. Your reunion of love- heart- and soul-talking was true and pure. As Thoth discussed pure with you, I felt love and appreciation more. I enjoy all discussions of mystery schools and secret beliefs as so many are opening up past knowledge. Interesting as you spoke on female roles then and now. I see this in our universe. And I felt how important it was to not misuse it and be in alignment with self. I loved this whole conversation, and the ending with Beth *** Tahhhh and mmmm energy techniques. Thank you again. Much love!


Christine *** There was a great truth to the concept of purification that I was able to wrap my brain around in a different way when Karen and Theos mentioned that the life you live needs to be in alignment - meaning all of the components of it. I’m grateful for the use of the word “purification” because it caused me to take notice in a way that I would not have with “alignment” because that word is used so often. Perhaps I associated alignment more with a frequency state, rather than a full congruence of who we are as a physical being as we walk in this world. <3


uch a gracious basking, such gentle ease Julie *** Sand loveliness. Such peace - thank you.


Tina *** beautiful <3 Thank you for sharing Karen! I love these divine unfoldings :)


Elaina *** This helped me so much. Thank you ❤❤



Katelon *** I really enjoyed the reminder of continually coming back to joy and bliss... it is a choice, a discipline. I also loved that practice of staying in appreciation and fascination. It has been mentioned by other speakers in this series but somehow Karen made it more real to me... that feeling of delight in ALL.


Tania *** Sacred reunion ❤❤❤ thank you so much!


 This was a basking in Radiant Sun, a Sun that gently transforms... thank you Cooper***


for this beautiful Temple Gathering. I cried when  Suzanne ***

Beth *** Thank you Karen and Theos, I so enjoyed your story as a young girl Karen, asking, and the ahhhh and mmmm energy techniques. Thank you again . Much love !Re-union of souls was mentioned right at the beginning. One of my highlights was the Toning and that we came equipped to align ourselves, it was blissful to sit in the echo of the sound. Perfect Peace in the Oneness. I loved the whispering voices that kept coming in. Loved this, thank you Karen and Theos, I'll be listening again and again. ☺️


everyone, this experience is totally blowing my mind and yet it feels so utterly perfect and wonderful since reading the tablets of light which Tracey ***have lead me here. No words really express this incredible opportunity, I am so very grateful to all 🙏💞


Asrael *** Beautiful- Loved the conversation was a beautiful recognition of what I am experiencing and knowing. Felt very at home with Theos and Karen Neumann <3 Thank you for sharing 


 Tina *** I also really loved the insight of more of these divine messages coming through female embodiments now and how the 'rules' are shifting! YAY!Karen ,I really loved the toning experience that wrapped up a great conversation <3 I felt the shift in my energy immediately and will play with this more! Thank you.


Languages of Lights

Yay Karen! Luv u lady♡ Thank you Kevin! Timeless Living Light StarSister & StarBrother ~ Wendy


Amanda J Hudson

Since I had a dreamchannelling, I changed my mind about channeling. Thank you


Сергей Белов

Kevin, Karen, Theos - big thanks to you all! Some new important information and energy for me and other people. Holland is a special country (never been there, this lifetime). Also "The Voice" show came from this place (love it)! Karen, best of luck in every aspect of your work/service! Kevin, so excited about your film! I think it would be really great and convincing and will help to make a change that so many people are waiting for. Together we will change the world on this planet. To the higher conciousness and much love. Namaste! 🙏


Bracer Jack

Such a pure and honest soul... bless her heart.


Gratiela Rosu 

Great point both of you in that we are communicating with or broadcasting ourselves from a higher perspective. Kevin, I told you about a book I streamed from Self/Source, "Conversations With Self, God Consciousness and Existence Revealed", and when I asked Self who they were this is what they said: "Q: And I am going to ask again, who are you? A: And we are going to answer again: You! You keep pretending not knowing, probing us with dense questions to see if what you think, see, and write is not the product of your imagination. You are still afraid of what others may think of you if you would just say it. You’ve understood so far that what you call the soul is a part of Self, experiencing all potentiality; that each stage of evolution has its cycle, and before each projection of Self can move to the next level, it has to complete that cycle’s lessons – if you may." So, yes, the closer one gets to the Source, the less apparent is the separation and the more we perceive through our multidimensional aspects of Self/God/Source whatever name… The impostor's syndrome is a very pervasive challenge we, in this awakening task, have to deal with. I think it will help if we will unite each other and support one another more. In the end, is not about who channels what, is about what knowledge we bring to this civilisation and how we help with our everyday acts to make it better.



At 8 min 35 one can hear the original language of the Theos Beings being sang in a song on this link >>


vivek thakur

It's like you want to feel how it feel in mother's womb that never possible again














Love, serve, remember

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