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Divine 2 Divine Channeled Conversations Starting Sunday 4th of March for 24 Days!

Hello Beautiful Souls. This year in 2018 we are seeing major shifts in the energy of humanity and so many of us are being called to embrace our missions as Lightworkers. Never before have there been so many conscious beings waking up and willing to embrace their True Divine Nature. Together we can hold the space for this wonderful shift in humanity. This is such an exciting time to be awake! My personal mission is to help people to remember who they truly are and offer tools so that you can walk in your own truth, access your own inner wisdom, and realize the infinite possibilities available to you so that you can become who it is that you are designed to be. As you know, I channel my higher self called Theos, whose message is always that of Oneness and Unconditional Love. Starting today for the next 24 days I am joining with 24 other Light workers to share guidance and wisdom in this special gathering of Light Beings, Ascended Masters and E.D. Teachers. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. We’ve brought together an extraordinary Council of channels and Light Beings. The benefits of steeping in the holographic field of light of the convergence of these conversations will be phenomenal. We start this today and each speaker is offering a free gift. Mine will be to give a free channeled mini reading and answer one 1 question per person by email. In Oneness, Karen<3

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