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Karen Neumann is an integrated channel, medium, Reiki Master, radio host and metaphysical teacher. Her diverse background includes being a singer, dancer and writer, as well as working in the sportnutrition and fitness world. As a channel she brings forward information from her

non-physical guides, Theos, whose message is always that of Oneness and Unconditional Love.


My Indian name is Kamaleshwari Maa -One who loves God.
Kamala, a name for lotus, is formed by the Sanskrit root “Kam” which means “love” of which the personification is “Kamadev” the God of love, the Vedic Cupid. Kamala also means “spring” as within nature, springtime is when Kamadev or Cupid is most active. Kamala also represents colours which reflect this loving, romantic state. Pale red, rose coloured and orange are all known as Kamala and these are colours associated with the lotus, hence Kamala is the name for lotus. When you love God that is Kamaleshwar....




THEOS is a non-physical collective of beings who have evolved beyond the need for

identification with star systems and planets.

They are beautiful guides of humanity, teaching us about Unconditional Love and
Oneness. They work with blueprints and codes - what we call sacred geometry - and

also with sound. Often, when working with them you will hear beautiful cosmic melodies.


Thoughts of God


“When I was a child, I can honestly say my first thoughts were of God and how could I have a relationship with the Divine? That was, and continues to be the driving force in my life. I remember going through our family Bible and looking at it with wonder. I had been told that God’s words lived in this big white book. Not really  knowing where to begin or how to start I just said, please God tell me what I need  to know. So I opened the Bible and my eyes fell on a passage that changed my life forever. It was 1 John 4:20 that says:


 “If man says he loves God but hates his neighbor he is a liar.  For how can one love God who he has not seen and hate his neighbor whom he has seen?” I heard in my head, “That’s it, that is all you need to know.  Always ask yourself is this Love or not Love?” 


I knew from that moment that if I wanted to know God I had to love everyone. That became my measuring stick for everything. I tried to look at everything from that perspective. 


As I have grown and my own understanding of who I am has changed and evolved. My original desire however remains the same. My most important goal is connection and I know my Dharma is to serve by helping humanity to awaken to their True Divine Nature.


karen neumann, channel, medium, reiki,
karen neumann, channel, medium, reiki,
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