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Intro to Transformational Channeling Day with Karen Neumann and Louise Kay

In preparation for the upcoming Transformational Channeling day on 1 October 2017 in Amsterdam, channels Karen Neumann and Louise Kay talk about their backgrounds and how they began channeling.

Join Louise Kay and Karen Neumann for an afternoon of wisdom and guidance shared in love! AND if you can't make it to Amsterdam we will be LIVESTREAMING and taking viewers' questions!

Louise Kay is originally from the UK and now travels the world sharing her gift of channeling and working as an Embodied Awareness facilitator. She channels a 9D Pleiadian Collective known as Aikon. Interacting with Aikon can be a life-changing experience. Aikon have extremely high-frequency, loving energy and share powerful, insightful, uplifting messages which have touched the hearts of many and have assisted hundreds of people in overcoming life challenges and finding inner peace.

Karen Neumann is an American, now living in The Netherlands. She is an integrated channel, medium, Reiki Master, radio host and metaphysical teacher. As a channel she brings forward the information of her non-physical guides, called THEOS.​ THEOS is a non-physical collective of beings. They are beautiful guides of humanity, teaching us about Unconditional Love and Oneness. They work with blueprints and codes, what we call sacred geometry, and also with sound. Often when working with them you will hear the most beautiful cosmic melodies.

Event Details

At this event you will have the opportunity to interact directly with The Pleiadians and Theos and ask any questions that are dear to your heart. There are no limits, so you can ask personal questions, questions connected to issues in society or questions related to the collective, explore issues connected to relationships and challenges in life, or simply sit and bask in the high-frequency energies emanating from their energetic field. The afternoon will begin with a guided meditation, followed by a channeling session with Louise and Aikon. Refreshments will be provided during a short break. The afternoon will continue with channeling by Karen and Theos, followed by a Q and A session. After the event participants are invited to join Louise and Karen for dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Join via livestream £18

Join in person €35

For inquiries please visit:

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